Author Topic: Best tips to make your life happy  (Read 7469 times)

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Best tips to make your life happy
« on: August 20, 2010, 08:57:24 AM »
·        Wake up from the bed with God’s prayer saying thanks to him.

·        Start your day with new hopes and with positive attitude. If you start your day with positive feelings throughout the day you remain in the same mood else you end up your day with frustration.

·        Plan your things to be done on that day.

·        Maintain neatness in the way of dressing and the way you appear to people.

·        Feel responsible to work, and do work only in your working locations. You have to know the rule that right thing to do in right time.

·        Do any good thing in your day. Example helping a poor child by feeding food or giving clothes or helps the people who are needy.

·        Maintain good relations with family and friends.

·        Keep a distance of your feelings jealous, hatred and sadism etc. Find your happiness in making others happy.

·        Maintain the policy that Do Good, Be Good. Then everything happens to you also Good

·        Always be confident about yourself.

·        You have to stay normal in both good and bad situations. Be obedient to elders give suggestions to young people.

·        Give respect to every one.

·        Be smart to dangerous people, keep away them. Always make friendship of good people

·        Be confident to everything that you have.

·        Work hard but do not expect the result, give that decision to God.

\"if all you look for is negative in things, you will never see the positive .\"